Why Philosophy is so important:

In my anecdotal experience, philosophy tends to be overlooked by many. I hardly know anyone that understands a considerable amount of the studies of philosophy other than my father. Sometimes I like to think to myself what the world would be like if everybody knew about philosophy. Imagine a world of people that are curious, understanding, rational, skeptical, and ethical. The world would automatically be a better place.

People wouldn’t get upset over the smallest things. Like imagine you wake up late for work and go to the kitchen to briskly make your coffee, but you spill the milk. A person who isn’t familiar with the quote, “It’s not things that upset us, but our judgments about things” – Epictetus ; they would get upset about spilling the milk, and that little mishap could set that person off the rest of their day. Instead, if someone is aware that they can control their emotional reactions, and not feel troubled by things out of their control, they wouldn’t feel upset at all.

I feel like many people are rational and ethical, but they aren’t quite aware their mindset is philosophical. I’m writing this for my understanding and practice, and I feel that it’s important for people to be aware of philosophy ; so that they live a happier, and more fulfilling life.

The Art of Living by Sharon Lebell provides succinct explanations and exceptionally great advice for people first learning about philosophy. The main thing I took from reading this book is that: No one can hurt you. Let me explain a little further. When anyone seems to be provoking you, remember that it is only your judgment of the incident that provokes you. Don’t let your emotions get ignited by mere appearances. (Pg. 27) You can choose to not feel hurt about what someone says about you. (And personally in these times, gen z seems to get offended by the slightest little things. It makes me disappointed to be a part of this generation). All you have to do is know your worth and to not let ad hominem attacks bring you down. People that try to put you down simply are already below you.

Key Points from this Book: 

  1. Content yourself with being a lover of wisdom: a seeker of the truth. (Pg.31)
  2. No Shame, No Blame: let us never place the blame on others but on our own attitudes, there is nothing to be gained in blaming (Pg.11) 
  3. Let others behave as they will that is not within your control anyway and thus it’s of no concern to you. You don’t have to feel hurt. (Pg.42-43) 
  4. Some things are within our control, and some things are not. Only after you acknowledge this – you will begin to find inner tranquility and outer effectiveness become possible. (Pg.3) 
  5. Reason is Supreme: Questions are the engines of reason, thus you need to learn how to frame questions sensibly, rather than emotionally. Humans have the ability to reason; so use it. (Pg.106)

In conclusion philosophy is important because it allows us to fully understand the brimming potential we have. It’s important for people to understand that we can control our emotions and reactions to things, and that you don’t have to feel hurt from what people say about you. If you know your worth it won’t affect you either way. You should also know that seeking to please others for their admiration is merely futile. There’s no point in it. If you find it pleasurable to receive validation and acceptance from others you simply haven’t felt inner tranquility. Nowadays many people find pleasure in posting photos of themselves and receiving likes and comments telling them how “beautiful” and “stunning” they are. Sure it’s a good feeling for people to compliment you, but when that becomes your source of happiness it begins to take a toll on your self confidence. You start to rely on what people think of you and not what you think of yourself. People need to know that they have to apply themselves everyday and be the absolute best versions of themselves.

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