Public Schools are a Waste of Time.

Yes, you might be very intrigued by the title of this article. I would be incredibly intrigued as well if I saw this. Just a heads up. This article is opinionated, and based off of personal experience, and evidence. (Also I think public/colleges are required if you are going into a STEM related careers.)

As a teenager, I’ve been in public school most of my life. Only until I became homeschooled last August I realized that there was a whole new world of education. I began to have more freedom, self-discipline, motivation, curiosity, and overall joy in the practice of my studies.

When you block the negative things in your life, such as public school (very depressing and dehumanizing environment/factory model education system) you automatically begin to have a more positive mental attitude.

This reminds me of a quote by Sigmund Freud, ” Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure you are not, in fact, surrounded by assholes.” I absolutely love this quote because it informs people to try to recognize the environment they’re putting themselves into. If you’re surrounded by people that are negative or depressing, that is most likely the cause of your depression. It seems simple but a lot of people tend to overlook it.

From my experience public school isn’t meant to educate you with the necessary knowledge a human needs in everyday life. It is meant for indoctrination, and to shape agreeable people. Obviously if you are going into a STEM related career, you definitely need school. But for mostly everything else, you can learn it yourself. Especially with all these sources online. Like they say, the world is your oyster.

Isn’t it crazy that you devote 12 years of your life to public education and all you get out of it is a piece of paper and a hand shake. Also a lot of teens after they graduate still don’t know what their good at, and how to live their life. They grow up with everything being instructed to them, and the moment these people have a little freedom; they’re lost. Then seek security and they rely on the government for support. They take instructions from the government because they have no clue how to think for themselves. And to me… that’s what schools are teaching us. After that you can spend at least another 4 years in education. And so on… This life government has built for people to live is miserable.

The government figured it all out. Indoctrinate the people when they’re young, because they are not old enough to think for themselves. Then as these people grow up they wont even realize they’ve been indoctrinated, because all they ever knew was what they were told at government indoctrination camps. *That’s how I like to call school*

Things I was told by my “teachers/mentors” were things like, “Shut up, raise your hand before you speak, respect me, no reading in class, sit up, NO TALKING, ask permission to use the bathroom, etc…” Yes these phrases sound normal to public school kids, but to me it seems very dehumanizing. You’re treated like some puppet in this massive game the government is controlling. All you ever know is how to follow orders/rules, not ask questions, and believe what the teachers are “teaching” you. HOLD ON. Wait a minute. This seems extremely familiar. Oh yeah… THE GOVERNMENT.

Lets look back into the past of the public school system, shall we?

Schools mostly started as a way to train obedient factory workers. And the system hasn’t changed much since then. Comply to authority, talk when you’re called upon, follow directions precisely or may result in failure.

Different Education Models

The children that grew up in a factory model education system, are simply just cows the government is going to milk. The factory model is the most popular system because that’s exactly what the government wants people to believe. They don’t actually care about they’re citizens well being. They care about filling their pockets with 40 percent of your income (taxes). HAVING POWER!! *insert evil laugh*

In this image you will observe the difference between a proper, enjoyable, happy, and free learning environment. And the stressful, controlling, oppressive learning environment. Kids who spent their time in a mastery model education system truly were overall better people. And by this I mean happier, and successful. To me success means happiness.

The kids will just sit there and obey what they are told. If someone were to speak up and legitimately question the teachers “teaching methods” they will either, A: Be lectured in front of the class about talking back, B: Asked to put your hand down (basically refusing to hear you speak) C: Purposefully lowering your grade for questioning their ways (This has happened to me plenty of times.) D: Humiliating you in class by demining your argument/making you feel dumb or stupid so that you never speak up again (using the strawman logical fallacies). E: And overall condescension. I’m sure there’s plenty more, but you get the gist.

What School Does To You

People might think that school educates you and allows you to go far in life if you just stick to it. But the reality is, it doesn’t educate you. It’s meant to train compliant citizens. It’s meant to discourage critical thinking and creativity. It’s meant to make you feel ignorant, so that you’ll resort to silence, in fear of humiliating yourself again by getting a question wrong. Kids begin to stop thinking for themselves and simply follow what all the other kids in school are doing. This mentality is exactly what the government wants. They are slowly but steadily breeding a new generation of helpless factory workers.

Schools have kids memorize nonsensical information for exams. Students will simply forget about everything they memorized after taking these exams. This is clearly a waste of time. And time isn’t something humans should waste. Schools have kids “learn” the same information even though every child has totally different interests. Schools take away your desire for learning and make you believe learning is boring. This is something very disturbing I notice about the school system, that I won’t accept.

I wrote this article because I think it’s incredibly important to realize the system people are normalizing. To see the process government gets young people going through. I believe public schools remove every ounce of individuality, and by the time you graduate, you’re one step closer to becoming the exact citizen the government shaped you to be.

I’ve escaped the matrix. And hopefully after you read this, you’d like to escape too.

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