My Opinion on Black History Month

This is a drawing I drew the other day because of an art assignment I had in school. The teacher asked us to pick a black artist and draw art inspired by them in honor of black history month. This statement might not sound bad at all to most, they might even think it’s a great idea. But to me it’s only separating the races from one another even more. Sure, it’s good to celebrate and show pride for your heritage and culture but by giving different races months dedicated to their race seems like a backward solution to racism. By inputting months onto different races only increases division, and reduces unity. If all races want equality than we shouldn’t separate each other simply by the color of our skins. Just like how I wouldn’t want to be seen as a white girl, but rather just a girl. Or how a black man wouldn’t want to be seen as a black man, but rather a man. Stopping racism starts by not talking about it.

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